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Hi. My name is Mishka. I am a singer and instrumentalist dividing my time between Buenos Aires and London. The music I play is hard for me to describe, but it brings together the genres I love –jazz, folk, and music from all over South America – through a number of different projects. I love collaborating with other musicians and I consider myself lucky enough to have a musical family of people I have worked with over the span of many years and over several countries – England, Germany, The Philippines, Argentina and Brazil – and who I continue to work with and be inspired by.  My first albums came about when I signed with Candid Records at the age of 19. We worked together for almost ten years and released four albums together. Most recently, I released an album in the UK with the great Pete Churchill called Stories to Tell. It is a collection of incredible songs written by Pete that we recorded with an astonishing group of musicians: Mark Lockheart, Adriano Adewale and Ben Barritt. I am currently working on a new project with the wonderful Beto Caletti, having met each other through a very close mutual friend of ours in London. We are working on an album for release in 2018 and planning a European tour for that summer! We’re very excited to share this music with you.